Chair's blog

December 2017

There was a terrible car crash in Leeds recently. You probably heard about it on the news. A Renualt Clio hit a tree, and five of the six occupants lost their lives. Some of those who died were young children, while others were adults, but all were young and their loss in this tragic and traumatic accident will have touched people all over the world.

The news coverage of the accident said little about those who were first on the scene, but they are likely to have been police officers, paramedics, ambulance crews and so on, and what they were confronted with, must have been truly awful.

In the light of the deserved commendation for first responders to the recent terrorist incidents in London and Manchester, we know that professionals just ‘get on with things’ and ‘do their duty’ even in the worst of circumstances. But we shouldn’t forget that they are also people like us too; and as parents, wives and husbands, that they will go home at the end of even the most difficult shifts.

I just want to take a moment to think about those officers and others who were confronted with the aftermath of the crash. This wasn’t a terrorist incident, but that doesn’t matter, because I suspect this was as tough as it gets for everyone involved. Certainly, they deserve our thanks for what they did, but also our understanding and support as they hopefully come to terms with the ‘cost’ of that in time.