Chair's blog

July 2018

Last year, once the school summer holiday period had started, I was alerted to the fact that there had been a spike in the number of children and young people injured on derelict or abandoned factory and commercial sites, and on building sites.

Through the Board we ran a campaign to alert families and young people to the potential dangers of these places, especially with respect to risk of falling from unsafe high places, and of drowning in ponds and waste lakes, and it’s certainly worth reminding ourselves that as the weather warms, the ‘attraction’ of a cool swim or of exploring derelict sites may tempt young people to take risks they otherwise would steer clear of.

This year we have re-launched our "Play safe over the summer" campaign to once again warn Leeds children of the dangers, not only of entering abandoned buildings, but also playing on railways lines and swimming in open water.


Parents/ carers and grandparents are being asked to talk to their children/ grandchildren about the potential dangers in their local area eg; open water, abandoned and derelict buildings and railway lines.

The key messages are:

  • Abandoned buildings may be fun to explore but can cause serious harm
  • Water may look safe but can contain hidden dangers
  • Only appropriate crossings such as bridges or level crossings should be used to cross railway lines.
  • Talking to your child about these dangers can help them stay safe when they are out on their own this summer.

If you're delivering services to children, young people and families over the summer, help us to get our message out across Leeds. 

Why not ask your contacts to help support the campaign too?

For more information about this campaign, please contact: Lucy Chadwick, LSCP Communications and Engagement Officer, Tel: 0113 3952612, Email: