Chair's blog

March 2017

I was asked a very good question yesterday, but one I had to think about before I could answer fully and personally. It went something like this;

So Mark, you work in safeguarding and with children at risk of harm and abuse. Tell me, what do you want for those children?”

Well of course I want children to be safe. I want to make sure they are not subject to significant harm. I want them to be well supported by all the agencies with responsibilities for them, and I want to make sure children are seen as individuals with unique needs and potential...

In fact, I realised pretty quickly that my answer to what was a ‘personal’ question was starting to sound like something I might say in an interview! I meant every bit of it, but it just didn’t sound personal. It didn’t sound like what “I” would want for children. And that made me think.

Actually the answer was easy. What I want for children is that they have a childhood as free from fear and full of love and wonder and security as I did. What I want for children is what I was given for free as a gift by my parents and my family.

So the LSCP is about children, but I realise that we should also give a thought to celebrating good parenting too. Because it’s easy to forget that the children and families who tend to come to our attention are hugely outnumbered by others who do the best possible job of bringing their children up, and give them the best possible start in life.

I wonder, if you were asked the question I was, how would you answer?