Initial Child Protection Conferences and Review Child Protection Conferences

We want to make sure that we continue to maximise the involvement and participation of families and make all ICPC and RCPC meetings helpful and meaningful whilst still being clear about managing risk.

For the foreseeable future we are going to be undertaking virtual meetings through either a skype meeting and / or a series of phone calls with key agencies and family.

The structure of booking in ICPC’s and reviews and putting an invite list together will remain the same in order to keep the whole process organised. If you are working with a child or young person on a plan please ensure that you maintain contact with their Social Worker. 

All professionals identified to be part a child protection conference will be emailed with a specific message highlighting the importance of completing and sharing their CP report with us at the Integrated Safeguarding Unit. Ideally you will still be sharing your report, probably over the phone, with the parents. The social worker will still share their report with families.

It is vital that you share with us the best email address and contact numbers as this will be the basis of running a successful skype meeting (this will, where possible also include Parents).  If the family do not have an e mail address or do not want to share one, the information submitted (if not already shared by yourselves) will be verbally shared with the parents by the social worker or conference chair. We will be very reliant on the information and efforts of yourselves and the social work team in this respect and the better this information the better the meeting can be so please liaise with the social worker if you have current information about any changes in the families contact details. 

It is important to note that we have clear confirmation that the emails are secure and encrypted and this process is GDPR compliant and can be used to safely send the necessary information to parents and all partner agencies. In addition we have developed a series of admin process (test emails peer checking etc) to minimised the risk of any data breach due to human error.

Sharing Report Packs

The Admin officer allocated to support the conference will use the list of emails and email out all submitted reports to professionals two full days prior to the time allotted to review the case.  It is therefore vital that any information for the meeting is submitted to the ISU in good time. The email will specifically ask you to confirm they you have read what is available, to suggest anything that might usefully be part of the plan, advise of any updates and give a decision regarding the need for an ongoing plan or plan end in a return email.  You will also be advised in this email that you should be available at a specific time for a Skype meeting or a phone conversation with the conference chair.

It is important to note that police reports will not be included in this electronic sharing process.  The chair will decide if any of this information is to be shared with individuals when they contact them.  We will also not be sharing any submitted reports to GP practices – given that they are stretched and they do not see them currently.

A separate email will be sent to parents with the report packs available (again without police information), giving them opportunity to read information prior to any conversations and the message will convey that they can raise any points, share any details with the chair when they are either part of a skype meeting or phoned separately.

A summary of the skype meeting or / and each phone call will be recorded. If a Skype meeting is arranged then the minute taker will also be ‘invited’ to this meeting and this will enable them to record the discussion.  This record will be distributed to the family and all in the contact group.


Recording agency attendance

Minute takers will record attendance as normal. It has been agreed that that if a professional replies to the email to say they have read it (possibly offering further updates etc.) then we can class that as ‘attendance’ – whether or not a further phone call was needed.  If they ignore that email - but have submitted a report then we say did not attend. If a subsequent conversation is held with that professional over the phone they will also be recorded as having attended. 



The advocacy service is still offering a service to children and young people – they are thinking creatively about how best to get the views of children and YP and we would encourage the social worker to obtain the young people’s own phone number (with parental permission) to enable more direct communication with them. The advocate can then be invited to the skype meeting or have a conversation with the conference chair.

Please feel free to ring David Gammage the Service Delivery Manager on: 07952885475 or Johny Blanc theTeam Manager on: 01133784130 if you have any thoughts or questions. Clearly it is a work in progress and will evolve over the coming days and weeks. When we have established that this process is properly working we will ensure that guidance is available to all partner agencies via the LSCP website.