Information for Schools

Leeds continues to ensure that the most vulnerable children and families continue to be protected during this time. Children and Families Service Delivery Managers (SDMs) and Targeted Services Leads (TSLs) are now contacting all schools and other key partners in their areas to establish local COVID-19 planning groups to ensure a multi-agency joined up approach to meeting the needs of the most vulnerable children and young people. Please make sure that you are aware of these and how you can contribute.

Schools can also contact the Early Help Hubs should they wish to discuss the provision of additional support for individual children/families or should they have general early help queries:

East Leeds: / Tel: 0113 5351899
West Leeds: / Tel: 0113 5351924
South Leeds:  / Tel: 0113 53530185


Groups of schools working together

Some schools may be facing challenges to keep operating in the current climate of COVID-19, and therefore may be considering working with other schools to create local solutions. Heads know their areas, schools, staff, children and families well and are best placed to work together with local colleagues to decide what would be the best sustainable solution for them locally.

When planning a local solution, please  contact the local authority via the DCS Alert Email for advice and support, however the following should be taken into consideration:

  • There should be one member of staff from each of the schools on site;
  • Consideration should be given as to whether it would be possible to have children from the different schools in different parts of the building;
  • The grouping of children should be kept as low as possible and each group should be located in a different room within the school and kept separate throughout the day, to limit infection potential;
  • There needs to be a first aider on site at all times;
  • Such arrangements should allow for a senior leader, DSL and SENCO to be on site;
  • As at present, arrival procedures such as washing hands need to be adhered to rigidly.
  • Consider the implications for transport. You can speak to someone about this by contacting us using the DCS Alert Email.
  • Someone needs to take responsibility on behalf of the schools for doing the daily attendance return to the DfE.
  • Ensure that free school meals are still provided for those that need them.
  • Schools which use the local authority school insurance (through Zurich) are covered whilst these arrangements are in place; other schools will need to check their insurance details.
  • It is essential that you inform the local authority via the DCS Alert Email if you are now sharing provision with other school. We can make sure that this information is passed to Social Care.


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