support our campaign

There are various ways that you can support our campaign and help us to get our message out to young people across Leeds. Click "read more" to find out how.

You can help promote our campaign by displaying our animation or campaign banner on your website.

Please choose from the different options below.

There are also posters available for you to download and print.


To down load the banners just right-click on the image and save to your desktop.  Please link the banner or animation to:

Animated banner - 17.5cm x 6cm

whoRUtalking2 animation


Static banner - 12cm x 4cm

whoRUtalking2 animation


To download the posters. Click on the image, open the pdf, then save the pdf to your desk top to print.

A4 poster - female talking to a male online

whoRUtalking2 poster


A4 poster - male talking to a female online

whoRUtalking2 poster

You can also join in the conversation on Twitter using #whoRUTalking2