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 Who are you really talking to?

In August 2014 we launched a campaign for young people on the dangers of online grooming.

We came up with the idea for the concept, gave feedback on the design of the artwork and designed the campaign’s landing pages. Click here to see the results.


Think before you send

Our latest campaign idea was to combat the growing problem of ‘sexting’ amongst young people.

The aim of the “think before you send” campaign is to inform under 18's of the negative impact that either requesting or sharing sexual images can have on their lives and their futures.

Think before you send


Mia Thompson a member of the Student LSCP said:

“We wanted to make sure the posters and postcards have a big impact on young people so they think twice before making a big mistake they might regret in the future. A lot of young people don’t realise the consequences of sending inappropriate images of themselves so we really wanted to make sure the images and message was clear and gets straight to the point.”

Click here to see the campaign web pages.

Organisations can support the campaign by downloading the posters, flyers and web banners.