i'm back now

Children and young people run away for a number of reasons, but it can often feel like running away hasn't achieved anything or that nothing has really changed for you, when you return home. It might even feel worse
If this is how you feel, talking to someone can help.

If you have been reported missing to the Police, on your return a Police Officer will visit you to undertake a ‘Safe and Well Interview' (Prevention Check).

The Police Officer will talk to you to make sure that you are safe and well and haven't come to any harm whilst you've been away, and they will also want to know:

  • where you went
  • who you were with
  • what you did.

They will also talk to you about your reasons for running away, if are you safe at home, if anyone is hurting you and if there is anything that they can do to help so that you don't runaway again. They will also want to talk to your parents or carers.

The Police will record details of the Safe and Well Interview and may share this information with other professionals.

After you have returned you will be offered the opportunity to talk to someone in a Return Interview. You may also be contacted by another professional who will want to meet with you. They just want to check that you're ok and to offer any further support that you might need.