Child Criminal Exploitation (CCE)

Jan 2021

Child Criminal Exploitation (CCE)


Child Criminal Exploitation (CCE) can be understood as the exploitation of children and young people aged under 18 years in the storage, distribution and selling of illegal drugs, under violent coercion or exploited through the use of debt, or promise of cash or drugs. Patterns of grooming behaviour by adults can be seen to be similar to those associated with sexual exploitation. There will be a power imbalance and children and young people should not be viewed as at fault, ‘choosing a lifestyle’ or making an informed choice.

CCE needs to be viewed in the context of broader vulnerabilities and other forms of exploitation and abuse. This could be within families, communities or more sophisticated organised crime groups. There needs to be consideration around the overlap and links between familial violence and/or criminality, trauma, peer to peer abuse, CSE, gang violence, going missing, and (as above) trafficking and modern day slavery.

See our web page for further information, including a video produced by the Violence Reduction Network and Leicestershire Police.


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