Child criminal exploitation

Feb 2021

Child criminal exploitation


Leeds Safeguarding Children Partnership, West Yorkshire Police and partners have launched a new campaign to inform parents about the signs of Child Criminal Exploitation (CCE) and to encourage people to come forward.

Children and young people can be exploited by organised crime groups or individuals who groom them into believing they have built up a friendship, but then force, manipulate or coerce the young person into criminal activities such as transporting, storing or selling drugs, money laundering, theft and violence.

The young person often doesn’t realise they are being exploited. They are led to believe that the person exploiting them is their friend, as they are often offered gifts such as money, cigarettes, drugs and alcohol. The young person may also feel their new ‘friend’ has status in the community and enjoy the sense of belonging to a new group of peers.

Any child can be targeted by these groups or individuals, regardless of their gender, background or where they live. It is never the fault of the young person or their parents or carers. 

Parents are often the first to notice a change in their child’s behaviour,  therefore it is important to provide them with the information that they need to help protect their child.

The 'Signs of CCE' campaign is being launched across the county and we're asking all our partners to help promote this message across their social channels and to any parents/ carers that they support.



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