E-Safety Guidance

Mar 2020

E-Safety Guidance


The use of technology has become a significant component of many safeguarding issues, often providing a platform which can be exploited intentionally or unintentionally. An effective approach to online safety provides an organisation, school or college with a framework with which to protect and educate their staff and the children and young people who they work with, and respond to any concerns.

The focus should be on building children and young people's resilience to online risk, so they can be safe and confident online, in conjunction with your organisation’s responsibilities to ensure safe and appropriate access. This often requires practitioners, parents and carers to acknowledge that the online world is constantly evolving, to understand the risks and how to mitigate against them. See the minimum standards that an organisation should have in place.


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Contextual Safeguarding Masterclass with Dr Carlene Firmin on Tuesday 5th May.

Due to the COVID-19 virus
All training has been cancelled until further notice.

The minimum standards that an organisation should have in place.

An event raising awareness with Leeds hotel industry on how to spot any signs of child sexual exploitation to be held later this month.