Healthy holidays

Jul 2020

Healthy holidays

Healthy Holidays is now in its third year – tackling the holiday hunger, holiday inactivity and holiday isolation faced by some of the poorest children in Leeds, and often their families, too. Leeds Community Foundation delivers this programme with support from Leeds City Council, and from local food partners FareShare Yorkshire and Rethink Food.
In 2019, Leeds Healthy Holidays reached 5,441 young people and 903 parents/carers through 77 community-based partners delivering a range of fun and engaging activities, all of which included at least one nutritious meal.
In the face of Covid-19 crisis, Leeds Community Foundation (LCF) and Leeds City Council have been actively working with food provision charities and local community organisations on an Emergency Food Provision Process to deliver much-needed food and support to these vulnerable children, their families and other vulnerable adults.
As an immediate response to lockdown, LCF funded 31 community organisations to provide “Healthy Holidays Covid-19 Response” projects; these have generally provided food parcels alongside a combination of online activities and activity boxes delivered to the doorstep. Activities vary with each project, and includes sport, physical activity, creative arts, cookery, indoor/outdoor gardening and mental wellbeing support. Some groups are also using group chat, video-conferencing and livestreaming to engage and support their children and families. Projects have been encouraged to post activity on social media using the hashtag #HHLeedsCovid19.
LCF secured additional funding from Direct Line & National Emergency Fund (NET), and successfully secured funding from Department for Education for provision during the summer holidays.
Healthy Holidays 2020 – Summer Holiday Provision
Summer provision will be delivered across three settings: schools, LCC community hubs and community groups. Projects will share their activity on social media #healthyholidaysleeds
We are working with Council colleagues to maximise a joined-up approach amongst schools, community hubs and community groups in order to:
a) Minimise duplication of support for Children & Young People
b) Maximise the number of vulnerable Children & Young People supported
c) Encourage local collaboration and co-ordination to share limited resources over summer and into the new school year.
Summer provision will include a range of modified online and offline activities with some on-site activity (at schools, hubs, community facilities or in outdoor spaces) that can be done safely by children and young people and delivered safely by staff/volunteers. All projects will deliver in line with Covid-19 safety requirements. Should the guidance change over the holidays, they will adapt their activities accordingly.
Click here for a list of community organisations, schools and community hubs that have been offered Healthy Holidays funding to support provision during the summer holidays.
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Healthy holidays


Tackling the holiday hunger, holiday inactivity and holiday isolation for Leeds' families