It’s time to update your S11 Audit

Jan 2020

It’s time to update your S11 Audit


We are asking all organisations to update their Section 11 Audit so that we can undertake an analysis of how effective safeguarding arrangements are across the city. This analysis will enable us to produce relevant information and training where gaps in knowledge or understanding are identified.

 As part of this audit we will have particular focus on 2 key areas:

  1. How policy and procedures are being disseminated and implemented internally within your organisation.
  2. How you measure the impact of safeguarding training in your organisation both generally and in relation to improving outcomes for children. We are also keen to understand if measuring of impact is for all training or just specific courses, and if this is different for internal/external training?

Therefore please could you state in your answers to the following questions how you meet or do not meet this standard:

2.2 - Do staff and volunteers have access to all the organisation’s relevant policies and procedures, e.g. on the internet or in a staff handbook?

5.8 - Does your organisation measure the impact of safeguarding training back in the workplace and on outcomes for children and young people?

When the audit is complete, pressing ‘submit’ will send a copy directly to the LSCP Business Unit. Audits must not be submitted until they have been signed off by the appropriate senior representative from your organisation.

Can you please arrange for your completed self-assessment audit to be submitted no later than:

Friday 28th February 2020


We are also undertaking a data cleansing exercise at this time, therefore any Section 11 Audits that have not been completed since 2015 will be deleted from the system.

If you wish to retain your audit please ensure that you update your audit by the date above.

All organisations that provide a service to children and/or young people or come into contact with them, need to ensure that they comply with Section 11 of the Children Act 2004.

Section 11 states that all organisations who work with children and young people should ensure that they have effective arrangements in place to safeguard and promote their welfare.

Safeguarding is an important issue for every organisation working with or in contact with children and young people – whether they are a statutory agency, a large national charity, a local third sector organisation, a volunteer-led community group, an after school club at a church or mosque, a youth theatre or sports club.

Please note that the Section 11 Audit requirement does not extend to educational settings such as schools and colleges who should complete their annual s175 Arm return instead.

The online Section 11 Audit Tool can be accessed via the LSCP website.

If you have previously completed the Section 11 Audit you can log in using your Username and Password.

If this is the first time that you have used the system you will need to register the first time that you use it. Just follow the instructions on screen.

If you need support in accessing your previous Section 11 Audit Tool please contact:

If you have any questions regarding the Section 11 audit process or the online audit tool please see the LSCP website for guidance.


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