Message from the LSCP Chair

Dec 2020

Message from the LSCP Chair


May I take this opportunity to wish all our safeguarding partners a very Happy Christmas.

As we wind down in a Covid year, I hope there is nowhere to go but up for us all. Whether you’ve been drastically affected by the pandemic, or your life has reached a “new normal”, chances are the holidays are going to feel a little different this year.

The message of Christmas is one of peace and joy and I hope this year it will also be a moment of reflection for us all, as we have collectively survived this year and I send you wishes for a better 2021.

We at the LSCP have missed our face to face meetings with you, but thank you for your ability to adapt in these challenging times.

We look forward to continuing working together, in our united vision to ensure the most vulnerable are safeguarded across Leeds. 

Merry Christmas!

Jasvinder Sanghera CBE, LSCP Independent Chair


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