Money Mules

Sep 2020

Money Mules


As a city we seek to continually improve our understanding of child exploitation and through this we become more attuned to different types of exploitation used by criminals.

One form of exploitation we are becoming more aware of is where young people are being used as money mules.

Young people might be asked to put money in their bank account by a friend, or through someone they have met online. They might be offered to keep some of the money, just for putting it into their account and then drawing or transferring it out again.

This is sometimes known as squaring, money laundering or being a money mule. It might sound harmless and young people might see it as an easy way to make a bit of cash, but it could actually be linked to serious crime and could have real consequences for their future.

Criminals who make money through crime such as drugs, guns, human trafficking and fraud, often use people to hold or move their money for them as a way of hiding the crime.  They will persuade young people that there is nothing wrong with doing this and that they're just doing them a favour.  They might give them money for helping them out.

Launching on 7th September, our latest campaign raises awareness of this form of exploitation of young people.

We will be posting messages on Twitter and Facebook using the #MoneyMules. Help us spread the message by reposting.

For further information and for the signs to look out for, see our webpages:

Information for practitioners

Information for young people

Information for parents/carers



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