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Apr 2021

New training dates added


We're offering a wide variety of training sessions delivered via Zoom or Teams.

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Introduction to Child Exploitation

Tuesday 15th June 09:30-14:30

Thursday 22nd July 09:30-14:30

Suitable for: Anyone working with children or young people who may be at risk of child exploitation.

What you will learn: This course will provide an overview of child exploitation in its various forms including county lines and sexual exploitation. It will help practitioners  understand how to identify when a child or young person may be at risk of exploitation and how to respond in order to safeguard the child from harm.


Introduction to Domestic Violence and Abuse - including the impact on the child

Wednesday 19th May 9:30-13:00
Wednesday 9th June 09:30-13:00
Thursday 15th July - 09:30-13:00

Suitable for: Anyone working with children, young people and families who may be in a position to recognise and respond to domestic abuse.

What you will learn: This course provides an introduction or refresher to your understanding of the impact of domestic violence and abuse in families and on children, and to increase your skills in working with those families including with ones who are causing the harm.


Safer Recruitment

Tuesday 13th and  Wednesday 14th July 09:00-13:00 (must attend both sessions)

Suitable for:  Managers and staff within the wider children's workforce (non-education) who are responsible for recruiting paid and voluntary workers into positions where they have contact with children and young people and / or their carers.  For Education specific Safer Recruitment training visit the Leeds For Learning website.

What you will learn: This course will show you how to undertake the recruitment process safely with regards to child protection. Please note that this is not intended to be a comprehensive workshop on staff recruitment and selection, but rather on how to make those processes safer.

This course is written by The Safer Recruitment Consortium and contains a multiple choice assessment and therefore participants must attend both half day sessions.


Working Together to Safeguard Children & Young People

This course has a pre-learning element. Once this is completed you will be sent the available dates.

Suitable for:  Practitioners with a particular responsibility for safeguarding children, such as designated, lead or named professionals who may be responsible for safeguarding in their teams or organisations. This may include undertaking s47 (child abuse) enquiries, working with complex cases, or those who would regularly attend Initial Child Protection Conferences.

What you will learn:  A greater awareness of your role and that of others in safeguarding children and young people and the prevention of abuse, as well as improved knowledge of the legislation, guidance and local procedures that exist to safeguard children. You will also develop your skills in undertaking effective assessments, along with understanding your own individual responsibilities for assessing risk.


Pre-recorded YouTube based training is also available on request on the following topics (click on topic title for links):


There is also a selection of live briefing sessions also delivered via Zoom or Teams.

Visit the LSCP website for more details and to book your place.
You can also
click on the session titles to go direct to the booking pages.


Child to Parent Abuse

Wednesday 23rd June 09:30-11:00

This session offers a brief introduction to the topic of Child to Parent Abuse and the work of the PACT Team in Leeds Youth Justice Service
Aggression or violence towards parents or other family members by children and young people is more common than most people realise. When family members are afraid of the teenager or when the teenager is using abusive behaviours regularly, their behaviour is considered child to parent abuse.


Teenage Interpersonal Violence and Abuse

Wednesday 26th May, Tuesday 22nd June or  Tuesday 20th July 10:00-11:30am

This session offers a very brief introduction to the topic of Teenage Interpersonal Violence and Abuse.

The one and a half hour session will be delivered live on Zoom and will cover:

  • The different forms of Interpersonal Violence and Abuse in young people’s relationships
  • How this effects young people
  • What to do next
  • Key messages for professionals


Engaging with men who have caused harm to their family members - Caring Dads

Monday 10th May - 10:00-12:00

This session will offer some insights into effective engagement whilst providing practice considerations for work with men. Participants will be encouraged to think broadly about systemic cultures and responses relating to men who have behaved abusively. In addition, you will hear from men about their experiences of the Caring Dads programme and be provided information on further delivery strands including the implementation of +1, a programme for young men. 


Mind Your Language - Exploitation & Victim Blaming

Tuesday 22nd June - 10:00-12:00

This webinar delivered by Sarah Brown from the National Working Group is for anyone working with children or young people who may be at risk of child exploitation.
This webinar provides an overview of theories of victim blaming and gives examples of how we may see and hear victim blaming within our working environments. The webinar enables discussion on victim-blaming language and terminology along with exploring how we dehumanise young people through the language we use. The aim of the webinar is to explore our practice to ensure we accurately and sensitively record and report victim experiences. 


SUDIC and Child Death Review Processes in Leeds

Monday 21st June - 10:00-11:30

This session will cover:

  • Child Death Review process overview – legislation and practice
  • SUDIC (sudden unexpected Death in childhood) defined and the children’s practitioner’s role in the process
  • National and Local Statistics
  • Lessons learned and the role of the Child Death Overview Panel


There are also pre-recorded YouTube based briefings available on request on the following topics (click on topic title for links):



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