Keeping children safe in and around driveways

At least 27 children have been killed on or near driveways of their home since 2001.

  • Most victims were under 7 years old
  • Tragically it is often a member of the child's family or a neighbour driving the car
  • Over half of the parents surveyed could recall the child following them out of the house without them realising.


The dangers:

1. Reversing a vehicle - When a car is being reversed, the driver has a limited view and small children may not be seen in the mirrors.

2. Accident release of the handbreak - A car can roll down a slope and hit a child.

3. Electric windows, choking and fire hazards - Young children should never be left in a vehicle unsupervised, even if the engine isn't running.


Click on the image below for full instructions on how to keep your child safe in and around your car.

safeguarding children post

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