Practitioner Questionnaire

Leeds Safeguarding Children Partnership is seeking to find out practitioner views on how information from the LSCP is received and viewed. We produce and distribute messages across the partnership in a variety of formats and want to make sure that it is accessible to all practitioners.

Your opinions and views will help gives us an understanding of how messages from the LSCP are received and if we need to change the way we communicate with you.

All answers given will be kept completely confidential and anonymous; you will not be identified with any responses that you give.

The questionnaire should take no more than 5 minutes to complete. 

If you require any further information about this questionnaire then please contact:

The following information is being collected for monitoring purposes only



How often do you go on the LSCP Website?:

Do you use any of the following social media platforms for work purpose? (Click all that apply):

Do you follow the LSCP on Twitter or Facebook?:

Are you registered to receive the LSCP e-bulletin?:

Do you find the bulletin useful?:

Would you find a Leeds Safeguarding Children app more useful than a website to access safeguarding information?:

Many thanks for your help