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The COVID-19 virus has led to significant calls on all of our time and a need to ensure that people are available to complete core tasks. Because of this and linked to the government and WHO guidance, we have decided to cancel all classroom based training events (both internal and external training) until Monday 1st June.

During this period we have been, and will continue to work hard to explore how we can best deliver the learning and development sessions that are needed in the best way possible, given these unprecedented circumstances.

We are therefore pleased to provide a way in which practitioners in Leeds can now continue their learning and development with our virtual learning offer which includes online learning and links to other sources of self-learning.

In this period of uncertainty we are also freezing all bookings for face to face sessions and will review this when we review the feasibility of courses going forward.

If a face to face course you are booked onto is cancelled we will contact you via email.

We've developed a new section of the website full of information on safeguarding during the COVID-19 pandemic.

If you're continuing to provide a service to children, young people and families during this time, make sure you're aware of the most up to date information and keep checking back to the site for updates.

The LSCP fully supports the Children’s Trust Board in promoting a restorative approach to working with children, young people and their families that will more consistently result in ‘the voice of the child’ being included in all interventions. Professionals in Leeds are challenged to implement a fundamental change to the relationship between Local Government and local citizens; from doing things to and for families to doing things with them. This is based on the following principles:

  • Never do nothing
  • Do the simple things well
  • Families need to be helped to help themselves through a mixture of high support with high challenge
  • Where children might otherwise be removed from their homes, families are supported to develop a safe alternative plan before such action is taken
  • Where a plan or decision needs to be made to help safeguard and promote the welfare of a child or children the family should be supported to help decide what needs to happen.

This section provides information and guidance for professionals, practitioners and managers to support working with children and young people. This is designed to help you keep up to date with developments in safeguarding practice and provides information across a range of issues and how to respond to them. A key part of this section sets out safeguarding policies and procedures that supports effective multi-agency working.

Policies and procedures provide the framework within which an organisation and its staff / volunteers operate. They define what an organisation does and how it does it. Clear policies and procedures support effective decision making, providing guidelines on what staff / volunteers can and cannot do, what decisions they can make and what activities are appropriate.

All organisations working with children and young yeople and / or their parents and carers should have robust policies and procedures which will ensure that children and young people are safe, workers know and understand their roles and responsibilities and how to respond appropriately if they have concerns about a child or young person’s safety or welfare.

Ensuring that agencies and professionals work effectively together is essential when working with children and young people. There are two sets of policies and procedures which underpin multi-agency working, both of which must be consulted when considering how to work with others to safeguard and promote the welfare of children and young people:

  • Regional (agreed across West Yorkshire)
  • Local (to support arrangements agreed in the city)

The West Yorkshire Consortium Safeguarding Children Boards Procedures provides overarching guidance and procedures on safeguarding issues which have been agreed by all five LSCPs within West Yorkshire. There is a process for local consultation in relation to the development or updating of regional policies and procedures. These should always be consulted in conjunction with agency procedures and the Leeds local policies and procedures.

Where a local approach has been developed regarding a safeguarding issue in Leeds this is supported by local procedures which supplement those used across the region. These are outlined on the Local Protocols page and should be referred to by organisations or individual practitioners when working with children and young people.

Policies and procedures are frequently updated to ensure that they meet emerging requirements and challenges. It is important that this website is consulted on a regular basis to ensure practice and multi-agency working is guided by the most up to date procedures.