Parental conflict

What is Parental Conflict?

Parental Conflict can include regular bickering, arguing and frustration with each other about issues such as money, parenting or housework. When a child experiences this conflict frequently and it is unresolved, it could result in children feeling upset, confused or angry and affect their ability to resolve relationship problems throughout their lives and achieve positive outcomes.


What are we doing in Leeds?

We understand that conflict is an everyday part of life; our aim is to ensure that conflict is constructively resolved thereby modelling appropriate relationships where any differences are agreed amicably between adults.

The ambition in Leeds is that families experiencing parental conflict are supported at the right time, by the right practitioner to prevent any impact of this conflict on children. We are aiming to increase awareness of parental conflict and the impact it can have on children and young people and their outcomes. In Leeds we are taking a practice approach through providing workforce development opportunities.

Leeds is also working with fourteen other Local Authorities within Yorkshire and Humberside to jointly commission a regional website and digital campaign for practitioners and members of the public. The website can be accessed by visiting:


What support can be accessed within Leeds?

If families would like to talk to someone about their relationship, a good starting point is speaking with someone at their child’s school. Schools will be aware of Relationship Matters and will be able to talk to families about how to improve their relationship and the way in which they communicate with each other.   Sometimes schools are part of ‘cluster services’ and might request that a family support worker from the cluster offers some individual support. This would always be with a families consent.

There are many other services that families might be working with, such as the 0-19 Public Health Integrated Nursing Service or General Practitioner. However, families might also be receiving support from other agencies. Whichever service families are working with, they should have some awareness of Relationship Matters and will either be able to support directly, or find someone else who can.


How to Get More Information

For more information about supporting families where they may be experiencing parental conflict, please contact your Early Help Hub:

West Hub –

East Hub –

South Hub –



Further information about training opportunities, including an online course, is available by contacting