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Early help assessment

An Early Help Assessment can be an assessment that is currently used by a single agency. The Early Help Assessment should be a tool in its own right and not simply a referral mechanism. However the same information can support a contact to social work services in relation to a child in need or child in need of protection.

We have agreed a change in language from the Common Assessment Framework (CAF) to Early Help Assessment as an umbrella term to describe activity that is undertaken to provide support to families as early as possible. This includes early provision of the right support at points of transition between services.

An Early Intervention (early help) module has been developed within Frameworki, the Children’s Services electronic case management system. Access to the module is being rolled out throughout 2014 to key practitioners supported by the Integrated Processes Team and Targeted Services Leaders.

Open and active existing CAF cases will continue to be registered and recorded in exactly the same way until they can transfer, seamlessly, to the new system, ready for practitioners to pick up once they have the required access.

The benefits of this new module and associated practice include:

  • Reduction of worker time as relevant information is ‘pulled’ from Early Help assessment to Child and Family Assessment (the social work assessment) when required and vice versa
  • Integrated case management
  • Increased intelligence on all service requests and responses for any agency in Leeds


For further information on Early Help:


For support in registering or completing an Early Help Assessment contact 0113 378 1840 (option 1)


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