Self Harm and Suicidal Behaviour

This updated booklet ‘Supporting young people who self-harm or feel suicidal: A guide for professionals in Leeds working with young people aged 25 and under’ is aimed at anyone who works with children, young people and young adults in Leeds.

It explores self-harm behaviours, how to talk to and support a young person who is self-harming, understanding the risk and responding to their needs. Section 2 looks at suicide in young people and gives guidance on talking about suicidal thoughts, supporting someone who feels like this and understanding factors that increase the risk. It also covers information sharing and how to refer for further support.
Hard copies are free to order from the Public Health Resource Centre at Tech North, 9 Harrogate Rd, Leeds LS7 3NB.

Download a copy of the Self harm and Suicidal Behaviour booklet.