The Practitioners responsibilities

Safeguarding is everybody’s responsibility, therefore all practitioners should recognise, and undertake their professional responsibilities:

  • Everyone who works with children, young people, parents, carers or adults in a household should Think Family, Work Family.

  • This means recognising and responding to the needs of all family members in a holistic approach, by communicating with other practitioners working with the family and coordinating your efforts for the best outcomes.

  • Never do nothing – at the very least, talk to another practitioner to help find a way forward


Good practice 

  • Are you working restoratively with families to challenge and support them to address their needs?

  • Have you visited the home?  This can be a good opportunity to find out about family life and identify any strengths or needs. 

  • Have you spoken to the other Family members? Don’t assume that someone else has.

  • Do you know if there are other professionals involved with the family?  If so, have you spoken to them? Have you asked for consent to talk to other professionals?  You could find out who else is working with a Family by calling the Families First Team on  0113 3952613

  • Consider joint visits with other Professionals. 

  • Where domestic abuse, mental health problems, substance misuse and or learning disability are present in a family, assessment must take account of the impact on the care provided to adults at risk, children and young people.

  • Be aware of the needs of each individual in a family and how these may impact on the whole family’s well-being.

  • Share relevant information on time and in an open manner with families and professionals using language that everyone can understand. Everyone working together for the same aim works better for everyone.

  • Be curious, remain determined and don’t be afraid to ask difficult questions.

Don’t underestimate your ability to make a difference!


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Further information on Think Family Work Family

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