Online Learning and Development

As a response to the COVID-19 pandemic and in order to ensure that we continue to offer essential learning and development opportunities we have developed some online sessions. We have been careful to ensure that these sessions contain the core information that is needed to ensure that safe working practice can continue.

However, what is missing is the ability to work in small groups, or to have whole group discussions. In normal circumstances these are the part of a course where the real richness of learning often takes place. However, at present we cannot do this.

This means that for some of our sessions, when the current Government guidance changes to allow face to face training, it might be that delegates will need to attend a shorter session to participate in the more interactive part of the course. You will be advised if this is required.

The following courses are available online:

  1. Introduction to Working Together to Safeguard Children and Young People
  2. Introduction to Child Exploitation
  3. Mind your Language - Exploitation & Victim Blaming Webinar
  4. Working Together to Safeguard Children and Young People
  5. LSCP Online Safeguarding Refresher Training
  6. Introduction to Domestic Violence & Abuse - including the impact on the child
  7. Safer Recruitment

Online Briefings

These sessions are an opportunity for practitioners to watch a short briefing on a specialist topic to raise their awareness and increase their knowledge.

These briefings are for people who:

  • may have the ability to identify levels of vulnerability for children and young people
  • who are in regular contact with children and young people either directly,  through work with their families/carers or the setting in which they work.

Please note that all attendees must have completed a LSCP or in-house Introduction to Safeguarding Training or equivalent.

Topics Available:

  1. Basic Introduction to Harmful Sexual Behaviour Displayed by Children
  2. Child to Parent Abuse
  3. General Awareness of Modern Slavery
  4. In-house CSE Awareness Plus
  5. Introduction to County Lines
  6. Teenage Interpersonal Violence and Abuse