Introduction to Child Exploitation


This online multi-agency course is for anyone working with children or young people who may be at risk of child exploitation. This course provides an overview of child exploitation in its various forms including county lines and sexual exploitation. The course helps practitioners to understand how to identify when a child or young person may be at risk of exploitation. It also looks at how practitioners can respond to identified or suspected child exploitation in order to safeguard the child from harm.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course participants should have:

  • Be able to identify the warning signs that a child might be risk of, or experiencing exploitation
  • Have an understanding of the complexities of working with children at risk of, or experiencing exploitation
  • Be familiar with how to respond appropriately to safeguard a child at risk of, or experiencing exploitation
  • Know how best to share intelligence and information
  • Be able to apply learning to practice


Participants must have completed  Introduction to Working Together to Safeguard Children and Young People (or their in-house equivalent) before they can access this training.

Dates Available

We are suspending our bookings for training while we update our website, please check back shortly. We apologise for any inconvenience.


LSCP training is free to LSCP partner agencies who contribute to the training pool and Third Sector / not-for profit agencies who have an annual turnover of less than £250k. The charge for all those who do not fit into the aforementioned categories and all private organisations is £50.

All delegates from any agency will be charged £50 for non-attendance.

For further information see our Charging Policy


Delivery Method

This session will be delivered live on Zoom from 09:30 - 14:30 and participants will need to attend the full session in a private space with no distractions.

This is an interactive session and in order for participants to fully engage we ask that the training is accessed via a laptop or PC only (no mobile phones or tablets).

Delegates’ videos and microphones should be switched on throughout the session.
Only one delegate per device and if accessing in the same room as a colleague please ensure headsets are used.

Further information is available in the ‘LSCP Live Online Training Delegates Guide’. If you foresee difficulties with these instructions please first speak to your line manager and if needed contact the LSCP Training team to discuss on