Mind Your Language - Exploitation & Victim Blaming Webinar


This webinar explores victim blaming language used around the exploitation of children, young people and young adults.

This online multi-agency webinar delivered by Sarah Brown from the National Working Group is for anyone working with children or young people who may be at risk of child exploitation.

The language we use as professionals can have a significant, and potentially lifelong, impact on victims of exploitation. A victim of exploitation is never to blame for the abuse they have lived through, yet we live in times where victims are still blamed.

This webinar provides an overview of theories of victim blaming and gives examples of how we may see and hear victim blaming within our working environments. The webinar enables discussion on victim-blaming language and terminology along with exploring how we dehumanise young people through the language we use. The aim of the webinar is to explore our practice to ensure we accurately and sensitively record and report victim experiences. 

Delegates who have attended this webinar have said:

"I have a new appreciation of the way language can be used to dehumanise an individual or group of people. I really enjoyed it, the trainer was knowledgeable, and the subject was interesting."

"I like the training delivery, Sarah was really engaging and knew her subject matter, she put it into context and provided us research to back it up and just really very good. Sarah's session was very insightful and widened my perspective and I thoroughly enjoyed the session."

"This session was very informative and great for reflective practice."

"Really useful, fired me up!"



Participants must have completed Introduction to Working Together to Safeguard Children and Young People  (or their in-house equivalent) before they can access this training.


Dates Available

  • Tuesday 22nd June - 10:00-12:00 



The webinar is free to access for all delegates however, all delegates from any agency will be charged £25 for non-attendance. For further information see our Charging Policy.

Delivery Method

This webinar will be delivered live on Zoom. Delegates will be asked to mute microphones on entry but will be invited to unmute to ask questions or contribute to discussions.  Delegates will also be encouraged to use the chat function to ask questions. Delegates may choose whether they have their cameras on or off throughout the session.


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