LSCP Child Sexual Exploitation Training

In April 2015 the LSCP Learning and Development Subgroup ratified the LSCP CSE Training Strategy.  The strategy identifies how all relevant people in Leeds who work with or come into contact with children and young people should have the knowledge, understanding and skills to respond effectively to children and young people at risk of, or experiencing sexual exploitation.

Partner agencies are responsible for ensuring their staff (paid and volunteers) are briefed and / or trained appropriately with regards to child sexual exploitation dependent upon their job role.  To support this, the LSCP will ensure that appropriate learning and development opportunities are available for staff including supporting materials as appropriate.

The table below outlines the expected level of training required for differing target groups, along with minimum content and potential delivery methods. Target groups are in line with those outlined within Working Together 2010, and adopted by the LSCP Learning and Development Subgroup (see Which Training is Right for Me? ).

Agencies delivering or commissioning training must ensure that the content meets the minimum requirements as detailed within the table.

Training Level

Target Group

See Which Training is Right for Me?

Minimum Content

Suggested Delivery methods

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CSE Awareness

Group 1

  • What is CSE
  • How to recognise CSE
  • Identifying and responding to concerns

Briefing paper, face to face briefing or online course (delivered in house)


attendance at LSCP Insight into Child Sexual Exploitation Light-Bite

CSE Awareness Plus

Groups 2, 7 and 8

As above plus:

  • Risk and vulnerability factors
  • Perpetrators and the importance of information & intelligence sharing
  • Local context / strategy

Face to face briefing (delivered in house)


attendance at LSCP Insight into Child Sexual  Exploitation Light-Bite

Practitioner and manager level: Understanding CSE & Responding to, and Working with children and young people at risk of or experiencing sexual exploitation

Groups 3, 4, 5 and 6

  • Impact on C&YP
  • Vulnerability & Risk assessment , referral and planning
  • Working with a child or YP where a CSE concern is identified
  • Key agency roles and responsibilities


Participants MUST have completed an Awareness Plus session prior to attending or the course must include the Awareness Plus minimum content  in addition to the above

Face to face, in house or multi-agency training session (e.g. LSCP course or commissioned course)

Advanced level for practitioners and managers

Groups 3, 4, 5 and 6 in agencies where advanced level training is deemed appropriate.

Developing CSE skills and knowledge to meet the specific needs of  agencies and / or practitioners roles and responsibilities

Face to face – devised and delivered by specialist CSE provider



Further information on CSE Training:

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Documents available for you to print off:

LCC One Minute Guide

DFE What to do if you suspect a child is being sexually exploited