How to apply for training


As of 1st April 2018 the LSCP will be introducing two charges in relation to its training programme, a charge for non-attendance and a charge for access to courses for participants from Third Sector agencies (with an annual turnover of £250,000 or more). There will be a charge for all Private organisations.

These charges were introduced due to an increase in the number of non-attendance at sessions and following a review of those agencies that support training delivery and therefore provide "payment in kind". Further details of these can be found below.

There is no charge to attend any LSCP training courses for participants from an LSCP partner agency who provide active trainers to the LSCP Training Pool, or Third sector / not-for profit agencies who have an annual turnover of less than £250k.

The charges for all other agencies will comprise:

  • £50 for full day sessions (over 4 hours in length)
  • £35 for half day sessions (up to 4 hours in length)
  • £150 for Training for Trainers full day with in-house Introduction Training Package (which will be emailed upon completion of the full-day training)

There will be no charges for briefing sessions but non-attendance charges will still apply as detailed below. 

For those agencies to whom charges apply, charging details will be requested at point of application and billed on completion of the session.


What are your 'working days'?                                                                                                                                                

LSCP working days are Monday to Friday (excluding Bank Holidays).

Applying for a course

Practitioners who work with children, young people and / or families, parents or carers can apply for LSCP training courses via the LSCP Online Booking Form.

Please note that Education Staff wishing to apply for the Working Together to Safeguard Children and Young People training should still apply directly to the Education and Early Start Safeguarding Team (0113 3785046).


Receipt of forms / allocation of places

On receipt of an application, an individual will be allocated a place, if one is available. Places are allocated on a first come, first served basis.


Confirmation of a training place

Confirmation of training places will be sent out to all participants by email approximately three weeks before the course is due to run. Your confirmation will include details of the course time and venue and course materials (if applicable for your course). Details about the venue (including directions) can be found here. If you haven’t been allocated a place you will also be notified of this approximately three weeks prior to the course. Please do not attend unless you have received confirmation of your place (you may be required to show this on the day of the course).


Cancellation of a training place

If you need to cancel a place you have applied for you must cancel by emailing two working days prior of a session taking place to avoid incurring a non-attendance charge. Other forms of contact will not be accepted.

Your team can send an appropriate replacement (this would be someone with the correct level of prior training required. For example: someone who has already attended in-house Introductory level training prior to accessing LSCP Working Together or specialist courses). You will need to notify us of this via email.

Please note that all non-attendance will be charged irrespective of circumstance.

Non Attendance

From April 2018 all delegates who fail to inform the LSCP of non-attendance at training or events will be charged.
Charging for non-attendance will be:

  • £50 for all sessions (including training, masterclasses, launches, learning events etc.)
  • Light Bites/Briefings will be charged at £25 per session up to a maximum of £50 per day.
  • Non-attendance at conferences will require payment of the full conference fee.

All delegates will be required to sign in with their own signature on the register on the day of the session as proof of attendance. Failure to sign in could result in a charge being made to their agency. If someone is sent in replacement they must sign in against the name of the person they are replacing (if the register has not been updated) and make a clear note that they are a replacement on the register.

Due to the nature and content of LSCP sessions delegates are required to arrive on time and stay for the full duration of the session. If delegates are more than 20 minutes late for the start of a session (which will be detailed on their confirmation email) they will not be permitted access to the session and will be charged for non-attendance. If they do not attend for the full duration they may not be issued with a certificate.
Please note that if a service is in exception which prevents delegates from attending they will not be charged for non-attendance, but the LSCP must still be informed within one working day.

Please note that if a service is experiencing exceptional circumstances (for example: being subject to inspection) which prevents delegates from attending they will not be charged for non-attendance, but the LSCP must still be informed within one working day.


Waiting Lists

Waiting lists are held for all courses where applicable, and people will be contacted if a place becomes available. Unfortunately due to high numbers waiting lists cannot be automatically carried forward to the next course, and if they have been unsuccessful people are encouraged to reapply for a different date.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please click here for our frequently asked questions relating to training.