Preparing for Engaging in Initial Child Protection Conferences

This session is specifically designed for practitioners who are expected to attend an Initial Child Protection Conference (ICPC) and are either new to the process or those who don’t attend regularly and want to increase their confidence and understanding of ICPCs.

It will help practitioners to understand the purpose of an ICPC, how they function within Leeds, and provide an overview of the Strengthening Families Framework model used by Leeds and their individual expected role within the conference. It will also help to build confidence when attending an ICPC.

Candidates should have attended the Introduction to Working Together or their own in-house introduction training.

Learning Outcomes:


By the end of the course,  participants will have an awareness of:

  • Understanding of the purpose of an ICPC and when one takes place
  • Understanding of the Strengthening Families Framework, and the operational model
  • Understanding of your roles and responsibilities within an ICPC
  • Understanding of the potential outcomes of an ICPC, including a child protection plan, and when plans may be discontinued
  • Increased knowledge and confidence to support effective participation within an ICPC


Session time:




Thursday 24th September 2020

9:30 - 12:30


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The LSCP training is free to LSCP partner agencies who contribute to the training pool and Third sector / not-for profit agencies who have an annual turnover of less than £250k. There will be a charge for all Private organisations. All delegates will be charged £50 for non-attendance.

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