Safeguarding Week 2020

Safer Leeds, the LSAB and LSCP are once again taking part in Safeguarding Week, in partnership with colleagues from across West Yorkshire. Due to current government guidelines in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic, Safeguarding Week this year will take place virtually.

Safeguarding Week is an opportunity for all agencies to celebrate and share good practice, and raise awareness of the services you provide to protect and support families and promote this across the city.

As COVID-19 still affects how we provide services, you may want to share examples of innovative work or outstanding practice you have undertaken to ensure vulnerable families and individuals continue to be supported during this time.

This year the three Boards will provide a menu of learning and useful materials on their websites that we hope will be useful and informative to services in the city:

  • The Leeds Safeguarding Adults Board will provide key messages and learning from Safeguarding Adults Reviews. 
  • Safer Leeds will be sharing a range of messages across social media to raise public awareness about some of the key community safety issues in the city, particularly domestic abuse.  Look out for their messages on Facebook and Twitter from some familiar faces who will be helping them to promote Safeguarding Week.
  • The Leeds Safeguarding Children Partnership are asking that all our partners take this time to “reflect” on their practice and “refresh” their knowledge. See their menu of learning, useful materials and links to informative videos in the table below.

Throughout the week we all be active on social media and invite all our partners to post information on their own activities using the hashtag #safeguardingweek2020. Help us to promote the week by using all the materials which are now available for you to download.

Safeguarding children, young people, adults and families remains a priority for all of us, especially during this challenging time. Help us to make Safeguarding Week a success by showcasing and celebrating the fantastic work that you do to protect and safeguard all people in Leeds.


Subject Description
Bathing babies safely

Bath time can be a fun time for both babies and young children, and parents and carers alike. It’s an opportunity for bonding, exploration and play, however water can be dangerous, especially so for babies and young children who require constant and appropriate supervision during bath time.

To support parents and carers in keeping their baby or child safe during bath time we have developed the Bath Time Duck which reminds them of the key messages about how to keep their baby or child safe.

Early Help Approach and Strategy The early help approach in Leeds has been refreshed and a new 3 year strategy has been developed.

This builds on the Right Conversations, Right People, Right Time document and includes updated paperwork for completing and registering an Early Help Assessment.

Neglect During Lockdown:

  • Episode 1 - Understanding the Lived Experience of Neglected Children and Young People During Lockdown: The First Step to Effective Intervention
  • Episode 2 - Living with Disorganised Neglect During Lockdown: Implications for Practice During the ‘New Normal’.
  • Episode 3 - Living with Emotional Neglect During Lockdown: Implications for Practice During the ‘New Normal’.
  • Episode 4 - Living with Depressed, Passive and Physical Neglect During Lockdown: Implications for Practice During the ‘New Normal’
A series of 4 episodes exploring the child’s experiences of neglect during lockdown and how we can respond presented by Emeritus Professor Jan Howarth
Learning and Development

Increase your knowledge and skills by accessing the LSCP’s online learning and development offer.

You can register for Refresher Safeguarding Training, as well as have access to Team Briefing Sheets, Learning from Reviews and a selection of subject specific courses, webinars and other learning opportunities.

The following have been recently added for Safeguarding Week:

Introduction to Working Together to Safeguard Children and Young People - now an online course!

Online Briefings on:

  • Introduction to County Lines;
  • Basic Introduction to Harmful Sexual Behaviour Displayed by Children
  • Modern Slavery.

Team Briefing Sheets on:

  • Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)
  • Domestic Violence and Abuse, Impact on Children and Young People
  • Harmful Sexual Behaviour
  • Child Criminal Exploitation (CCE)
  • Basic Introduction to Missing or Absent Children
  • Dynamic Risk Assessment
Role of the Designated Safeguarding Officer


Learn how to choose an appropriate person for the role and what the roles and responsibilities are.
The Practitioners Toolkit Familiarise yourself with the tools available to support you in your day to day work in identifying and understanding what is going on within a family.
Smart planning


Serious case reviews have regularly raised concerns about planning issues. Learn how to develop a smart plan when working with children or families.
Section 11 audits Does your organisation undertake a Section 11 audit? Find out what it is, why its important and start your own.
Think Family Work Family Find out about the Leeds Approach to Think Family, Work Family; Principles and Practice Guidance.
Think Family Work Family Briefing Sheet This paper provides you with information to deliver an awareness session to your staff team.
Professional Concerns Resolution Policy Read the steps to take when there are disagreements between practitioners from differing agencies in relation to concerns about the safety and welfare of a
child or young person.
Presentation on Trauma Informed Practice:
What is Child Trauma? What is an ACE? Are they the same?
Presentation by Cath Knibbs, Author, Doctoral (Ph.D.) Clinical Researcher and Child/Adult Psychotherapist specialising in virtual and corporeal (real world) trauma using Integrative creative methods including gaming, AR, VR, and biofeedback.