How to write a safeguarding policy

Having a written policy makes it clear to everyone in your organisation what is expected from them and what their safeguarding responsibilities are.

To help you write your own safeguarding policy we have created a safeguarding policy template with instructions on how to complete each section.

Before you start to complete the template we recommend that:

  • You have a team meeting to discuss the particular needs of your group. Have you had any safeguarding issues or incidents? Are there any concerns or issues that your staff or volunteers are uncertain of how to deal with? Your policy should include procedures on how to deal with any safeguarding concerns that may occur.
  • You write your policy as a group. This makes the policy more relevant if everyone has contributed to it.
  • All staff and volunteers undertake Introduction to Working Together to Safeguard Children and Young People training.
  • Where possible you should involve children/ young people and their parents / carers in the development of your policy. Ask for their opinions and suggestions. This illustrates to children and parents / carers that you are taking safeguarding seriously, and that your staff understand their safeguarding responsibilities.
  • All staff and volunteers should have a copy of your policy and have read and understood it. It should also be made available for parents should they wish to see it. We recommend that you have one on display and/ or available on your website.
  • Your safeguarding policy should be an active document. It is good practice to regularly review the policy and keep it up-to-date with any local or national changes.
  • Your nominated “safeguarding officer” should be responsible for making sure that your policy is kept up to date and that all staff and volunteers are kept informed about any changes.

Download a word version of safeguarding policy template here.

Your safeguarding policy should be revised every three years. You can do this easily by completing the Section 11 audit which is a safeguarding assessment of your organisation. Completing this questionnaire will help you ensure that you are keeping your safeguarding policies and procedures up to date and are doing all the right things to keep children and young people safe.

For further information on the Section 11 audit click here.