Child Friendly Leeds

Our vision is for Leeds is to be the UK’s best city by 2030. An essential part of this ambition is being the best city for children and young people to grow up in – to study, work, and play.

The LSCP encourages all organisations to get involved.

There are a number of benefits for organisations joining the child friendly Leeds movement:

  • The chance to play a part in how Leeds develops as a city through working with our youngest citizens
  • Shape the skills, experience and commitment of your future workforce
  • Maximise opportunities for team building, engaging and developing your staff in creative ways
  • Recognition for ways that you are already helping children and young people in Leeds.
  • Opportunities for positive PR through press and social media, with a clearly developed Child Friendly branding package to share
  • You can focus on activities rather than arrangements; the Council and trusted partners will record your support and help broker engagements
  • You’ll be joining a network of likeminded businesses and organisations, forming business relations, sharing ideas and shaping the city together
  • Demonstrate your commitment to civic enterprise and social responsibility.

We will know that Leeds is a child friendly city when:

  • people choose Leeds as the city where they want their children to grow up, live and work
  • children and young people choose Leeds as the city where they want to grow up and make their future
  • people that want to work with children and young people choose Leeds as the city for them.

To achieve this will take the effort of the whole city, with individuals, community organisations, businesses and public services all working together to make sure every child has the very best start to their life in Leeds.

To find out how you or your organisation can get involved see the child friendly Leeds website. LSCP is proud to support child friendly Leeds.

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