Return Interview Service

What is a Return Interview?

Statutory guidance says that local councils should offer a return interview to all children and young people who run away or go missing from their family home or care.

In Leeds, the Youth Offer Improvement Team are responsible for talking to children and young people who have been reported as missing. All the members of the team are Youth Workers. We work for the council but are separate from other services such as education or social work.

‘Return interview’ sounds quite formal, but it’s just a conversation with your child and a chance for your child to talk to us about the time they were reported as missing.


When will a Return interview to take place?

The return interview should take place within 72 hours of the child’s return from being missing. It should take less than an hour and we can meet  your child somewhere that they feel safe and comfortable such as school, youth centre or at home.

We will ask questions such as; why they went missing, what happened while they were away and what might stop them from feeling the need to go missing again.


What happens next?

At the end of their meeting, your child  will decide with the youth worker if there is anything either of them need to do. This might mean that a plan is agreed to address any issues identified during the return interview. The plan may include a referral to other support services or voluntary agencies.