Learning from Practice

Looking at practice, and understanding not only what happened but also why things happened as they did can help to identify and build on good practice and potentially identify lessons which can enhance future responses.

As a city, Leeds is continually striving to ensure it is the best city to grow up in, and that it is a child friendly city. This is supported through organisations and individuals learning from, and building upon practice in order to provide the best services for children, young people and families. This includes identifying good practice and replicating it, as well as identifying where practice could be improved.

The LSCP Learning and Improvement Framework identifies how this is undertaken with regards to multi-agency practice, and how learning is disseminated across the city. The Framework includes statutory review processes, other review processes, practitioner learning events, listening to children, young people and their families and listening to practitioners.

Individual agencies have a responsibility to consider how their services can be shaped to reflect the learning.

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