Student LSCP

We are a group of students who have volunteered to provide a young person’s voice and opinion to the work of the Leeds Safeguarding Children Partnership. The group is currently made up of Tori, Lacey, Paige, Shannon, Harry and Mckenzie.

Our role as a Student LSCP member is to:

  • Advise the Board from a young person’s perspective;
  • Assist in understanding how to attract and maintain the interests of young people;
  • Act as a ‘voice and influence’ for other young people, making sure their thoughts and feelings are considered in decisions that affect them;
  • Conduct research and consultations to ensure the work of the LSCP relates to the needs of young people;
  • Engage directly with other young people;
  • Feedback what has changed as a result of their work at Board meetings.


Formed in January 2013, we meet on a weekly basis in term time and have accomplished the following:

  • Lead the design of the children and young people’s pages of the LSCP website
  • Attended and presented at LSCP Board meetings
  • Attended and delivered workshops at the LSCP annual conference
  • Took part in interview panels for appointing staff
  • Developed campaigns on CSE targetting teenagers


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