National Safeguarding Youth Forum

The Student LSCP group were invited to the National Safeguarding Youth Forum in London, to give a presentation on the role of the Student LSCP and how the group works.

The Forum is organised by The National Council for Voluntary Youth Services (NCVYS) in London and is attended by national organisations who provide a service to children and young people.

The forum members wanted to learn from our group’s success, with the intention of setting up their own youth groups.

Some members of the Student LSCP hadn’t been to London before, so we agreed to make the most of the day by making an early start and take in some sights.

We caught the train from Leeds to London and arrived around 10am in the morning. We used the underground tube to travel around the city and visited Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, Downing Street and the London Eye.

The Forum was attended by representatives from a variety of national organisations including Scouts, Girl Guides and CQC, who all made us feel welcome.

We participated in the discussions and debate session on cultural sensitivity and safeguarding, giving a young person’s perspective on the discussion and then after lunch we gave our presentation. THis included a question and answer session. People were interested in what the Student LSCP achieved and specifically about our CSE campaign. We found out that some of the organisations had different variations of a young person’s group and we gave them ideas on how to develop their groups further.

At the end of the presentation everyone gave us a round of applause.

The whole group felt the presentation went well and we were made to feel very welcome by everyone at the meeting. We really enjoyed the day and are grateful for the opportunity and the experience we gained.

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