Creating a Domestic Abuse web page

As part of their induction, the Student LSCP members all attend safeguarding training. The course provides an overview of what safeguarding means, the different types of abuse and the situation in Leeds. It was during this training that the group members learnt about the impact of domestic abuse on children. They learnt that a child doesn’t have to be subjected to abuse directly, but can still be affected.

At the next group session, the Student LSCP members suggested that they would like to create a web page on domestic abuse. They wanted the page to provide helpful advice and information to any child or young person who might be experiencing domestic abuse.

The group spent time researching a variety of websites and realised that information for children and young people on this subject didn’t exist in one place.

They then gathered what they felt was the most appropriate information and reworded the text to make it more child friendly.

The information on the web page includes a definition of domestic abuse and an informative video. The page was structured so that it answered the questions that children and young people were likely to ask, so that if a child Googled their question, the search engine would direct them to the new web page which the Student LSCP had created.

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