Student LSCP

We are a group of students who have volunteered to provide a young person’s voice and opinion to the work of the Leeds Safeguarding Children Partnership. The group is currently made up of Abbie, Alex, Eve and Zach.

Our role as a Student LSCP member is to:

  • Advise the Board from a young person’s perspective;
  • Assist in understanding how to attract and maintain the interests of young people;
  • Act as a ‘voice and influence’ for other young people, making sure their thoughts and feelings are considered in decisions that affect them;
  • Conduct research and consultations to ensure the work of the LSCP relates to the needs of young people;
  • Engage directly with other young people;
  • Feedback what has changed as a result of their work at board meetings.

We have worked on a variety of projects throughout the year, including continuing to work whilst in lockdown and have gone on to complete all of our projects, here is our Annual Report:

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