As part of its Learning and Improvement Framework the LSCP has developed a Learning and Development Strategy to ensure that Leeds is constantly learning and developing its practice in response to local and national reviews.

The LSCP provides a series of multi-agency safeguarding learning and development opportunities including three core training courses, additional topic-based courses, as well as events, briefing sessions and conferences. 

Please see the left hand menu for a complete list of our courses for you to select from. Our multi agency safeguarding training is offered to staff and volunteers who come into contact with children, young people and/or families within Leeds. 

All our training is delivered in line with the standards set out in the Yorkshire and Humber Multi-Agency Safeguarding Trainers Training Standards. 

Practitioners should identify their learning needs through supervision and discussions with their organisation's safeguarding representatives. This should be based upon their job roles and contact with children and young people. (see Which training is right for me? for guidance).

Training should be updated every three years in line with your own organisation's policies and procedures. The Safeguarding Children Refresher Training is provided by the LSCP to help professionals achieve this. It is not necessary to repeat the Introduction to Safeguarding Children and Young People or Working Together to Safeguard Children and Young People training.

Agencies who have capacity are expected to provide their own in-house Introductory level training. There is guidance available on providing your own in-house safeguarding training, this includes guidance on using independent training providers.

Training and events are just a small part in developing practice and increasing knowledge and the LSCP encourages those working with children and young people in the city to commit to their own learning and development. This website contains a wide range of resources  and information on safeguarding topics for practitioners to access in their own time. 

We are continuing to develop new sessions and materials so please keep checking back to these pages.

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