Working Together to Safeguard Children & Young People


This online multi-agency course is for any member of staff who is considered to be a lead professional for safeguarding or may be involved in multi-agency approaches to safeguarding children and young people in their organisation. This may include undertaking s47 (child abuse) enquiries, working with complex cases, or those who would regularly attend Initial Child Protection Conferences.

Learning outcomes

By the end of the course participants will have:

  • Greater awareness of their own role and that of others in safeguarding children and young people and the prevention of abuse
  • Develop skills in undertaking effective assessments, along with understanding their own individual responsibilities for assessing risk
  • Improved knowledge of the legislation, guidance and local procedures that exist to safeguard children
  • An understanding of individual roles and responsibilities within multi-agency working and the associated skills around this
  • Better understanding of and development of skills to increase effective professional practice when safeguarding children.


Participants must have completed Introduction to Safeguarding Children and Young People training (or their in-house equivalent) before they can access this training.

We would also like remind people that Working Together training only needs to be completed once. We recommend people update their Safeguarding training every 3 years and this is possible by completing our Safeguarding Children & Young People Refresher Training which is currently available online. 

Bookings for Part 1 are now available.


LSCP partner agency, or Third Sector / not-for-profit agencies who have an annual turnover of less than £250k (voluntary, community, faith) will be exempt from charges to attend learning events.  With the following exceptions: 

  • Charges will apply for non-attendance on confirmed bookings
  • Charges will apply for the non-completion of knowledge checks. 

There is a charge for all private organisation for attendance and non-attendance to training. Third Sector / not-for-profit agencies who have an annual turnover of more than £250k will be charged £50.

All delegates from any agency will be charged £50 for non-attendance at the live session, so you will need to provide billing details when you register for the course.
For further information see our Charging Policy.

Delivery method

This training is undertaken in two parts both of which are accessed by completing the booking form below:

Part One - Participants are required to complete a pre-learning pack prior to attendance on the live session. Following completion of the pre-learning delegates will need to submit and pass an online Knowledge Check. We estimate that this will take approximately 3 hours of self-study time. Once you have completed and passed your Knowledge check we will contact you with available dates for the live session to complete the training.

Part Two - This session will be delivered live on Zoom from 09:00 - 15:00 and participants will need to attend the full session in a private space with no distractions.

This is an interactive session and in order for participants to fully engage with the session we ask that the training is accessed via a laptop or PC only (no mobile phones or tablets). 

Delegates videos and microphones should be switched on throughout the session. Only one delegate per device and if accessing in the same room as a colleague please ensure headsets are used. 

Further information is available in the Accessing LSCP Training. If you foresee difficulties with these instructions, please first speak to your line manager or internal IT services and if needed contact the LSCP Training team to discuss on

To secure your place on this training course please complete the booking form.

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