Safeguarding Children & Young People Refresher Training


Practitioners should regularly update their safeguarding training. This will ensure that their knowledge, skills and practice is current and reflects changes to legislation and practice both nationally and locally within safeguarding and child protection. It is recommended that training is updated on a three-year cycle, however practitioners should check with their agency as this may differ for some.

This course provides an update of safeguarding practice, legislation and messages over the last three years. It considers these from both local and national perspectives and covers information such as definitions, raising concerns with Children’s Social Work Services, legislation and key messages from Child Safeguarding Practice Reviews.

Suitable for all staff requiring a refresher / update training. Participants must have completed their mandatory initial training before they can attend this session, and this should only be used as a refresher or update session, not an alternative to mandatory initial training.

Learning outcomes

By the end of the training participants should have an update of national and local changes to safeguarding and child protection including:

  • Latest safeguarding and child protection definitions
  • Changes to policies and procedures both nationally and locally
  • Relevant changes within local safeguarding and child protection services
  • Key messages with regards to safeguarding and child protection
  • Messages from Child Safeguarding Practice Reviews both nationally and locally

Participants must have completed Introduction to Working Together to Safeguard Children and Young People (or their in-house equivalent) before they can access this training. 


There is currently no charge for access to this training. However, all delegates who register for training which includes an LSCP online knowledge check must successfully complete the knowledge check within 3 calendar months of being sent the email which includes links to the course material.  If the online knowledge check is NOT completed successfully within 3 months you will be charged £50, irrespective of which agency you are from.

This flat fee of £50 is to cover the training material and administrative costs involved with providing the session and is in line with other cancellation charges. 

For further information see our Charging Policy.

Delivery method

This course is accessed by watching three YouTube videos which can be requested by completing the form below. Once all three videos have been watched you will need to complete a Knowledge Check and return to us along with an Evaluation in order to receive your certificate. 

To secure your place on this training course please complete the booking form.

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