Introduction to Safeguarding Children & Young People

Online introductory training for people who may have the ability to identify levels of vulnerability of children and young people, or who are in regular contact with children and young people either directly, through work with their families / carers or through the setting in which they work. See Which training is right for me? for further guidance.

This is seen as a minimum requirement for all people working within settings which work with or have regular contact with children and young people. It is recommended that people undertake Safeguarding Children & Young People Refresher Training every 3 years following completion of this training.

This course should be accessed through your own agency, however for agencies from the smaller third sector, voluntary or private sector (which do not have access to training within their own agency) this course is available via the LSCP. LSCP also provide guidance for agencies wishing to run this level of training in-house. 

This LSCP course is currently accessible to all partner agencies who due to capacity issues relating to Covid-19 may not be able to provide in-house training.

  • Leeds Community Healthcare staff have access Introduction training in-house via their induction process

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course participants will have an awareness of:

  • Child abuse and neglect including signs and indicators
  • The impact of abuse on child development
  • What to do in response to concerns
  • The Leeds approach to Early Help
  • Interagency working to identify, assess and meet the needs of children where there are safeguarding concerns
  • Local learning from serious case reviews.

Please Note

This course should be accessed through your own agency or organisation.

For those smaller third sector, voluntary or private sector organisations (who do not have access to training within their own agency) this course is available via the LSCP. Guidance for in-house delivery is available via the LSCP website.

We would also like to remind people that Introduction training only needs to be completed once. We recommend people update their safeguarding training every 3 years and this is possible by completing our Safeguarding Children & Young People Refresher Training which is currently available online or other topic specific safeguarding courses listed in the menu on the left of this page. 


There is currently no charge for access to this training. However, all delegates who register for training which includes an LSCP online knowledge check must successfully complete the knowledge check within 3 calendar months of being sent the email which includes links to the course material.  If the online knowledge check is NOT completed successfully within 3 months you will be charged £50, irrespective of which agency you are from.

This flat fee of £50 is to cover the training material and administrative costs involved with providing the session and is in line with other cancellation charges. 

Delivery Method

This course is accessed by watching three YouTube videos which can be requested by completing the form below. Once all three videos have been watched you will need to complete and submit a Knowledge Check along with an Evaluation in order to receive your certificate.  

To secure your place on this training course please complete the booking form.

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