If you're not happy

The Student LSCP have designed posters for organisations to use to encourage children and young people to make a complaint about the services they receive. 

If youre not happy pink poster  


If youre not happy blue poster


The posters ask "We hope you've had a good experience here today?" With space for an organisation to write their name. They go on to say "If you’re not happy with something that has happened to you while you have been here, we would like you to tell us why, so, that we can make it better for you next time. Please tell someone you trust like your mum, dad, family member or carer, about what’s happened and ask them to pick up a leaflet on what to do next."

Organisations should insert the name of their service/ department in the white box on the poster, and should make complaints procedures/ forms available for completion.


The same poster has also been created to display in your school with a space to write your school name in the white space available.


There is also an hour long workshop for organisations to download and deliver to children.

The workshop helps children to understand that their opinions do matter and that they should tell an adult "if they're not happy" about a service they receive.

The workshop is suitable for children aged 7-12 and consists of:

  • Workshop plan
  • Scenarios for discussion
  • Feedback forms

All of the posters and the workshop can be requested from the LSCP Business Unit by email.