Fabricated and Induced Illness (FII)


This session will cover what Fabricated and Induced Illness (FII) is, what is meant by the terminology Perplexing Presentation, potential signs and symptoms of FII and what to do if you have concerns. Two fictitious case studies will also be used to illustrate how FII or Perplexing Presentation may present and how to respond.

Delivered by:

Dr Jonathon Darling, Paediatrician and Designated Doctor, Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust

Dr Ruth Skelton, Paediatrician and Designated Doctor, Bradford Teaching Hospitals Trust

Judith Easton, Deputy Designated Nurse, Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust


Participants must have completed Introduction to Safeguarding Children and Young People (or another introductory level safeguarding course relevant to their role) before they can access this training.


There is currently no charge for access to this briefing.

Delivery method

This briefing is accessed by watching a YouTube video. 

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